Bauhaus et le Modernism

During our trip to Berlin in June, we were fortunate enough to visit the Bauhaus Archiv, a standing structure that is home to many of the Bauhaus founding artifacts a museum open to the general public.

The Bauhaus was the 20th century’s most influential college of architecture, design, and art. Despite its short life of 14 years (due to political reasons), the Bauhaus continued to bring forward many changes through its network of highly talented and active individuals, creating an everlasting movement known as the Bauhaus Movement. The structure housing many of the Bauhaus founding artifacts stands in Berlin and is known as the Bauhaus Archiv, a museum open to the general public.

Later that month, we luckily attended an infamous exhibition at the Design Museum in London, named ‘Cartier in Motion’, which was curated by Lord Norman Foster to discover the creative world of Cartier. Cartier in Motion explores the transformation of lifestyles that had occurred in Western society at the brink of the 20th century. In the midst of the changes in architecture, art, travel, and behavior, glimpses of a new world could be seen – one we identify with as the birth of Modernism.

Cartier jewelry was influenced by Haussmann’s design for the French capital, Paris. Haussmann was asked by Napoleon III to transform Paris into a modern capital to – ‘aerer, unifier, et embellir’ (aerate, unify and beautify) the city.


Cartier workshops were a contributing element to Modernism and the Bauhaus movement. This transformation within Cartier was led by Louis Cartier, a French patron of the arts and technology, a supporter of the flight pioneers, the Wright Brothers.

The Bauhaus movement spans across all disciplines and has a strong presence that is now apparent not only in architecture and jewelry but across all modern-day design and craftsmanship. Much of the minimalist decor that boasts young homeowners’ living spaces are inspired by the Bauhaus movement ideals for functionality in line with the aesthetics. Such ideals contribute to our creative process in delivering a connected air care solution for our client (Zobele), one that is desirable for the homeowners of today, and sought after by the visionaries of tomorrow.

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