A market that is worth 54.15 USD Billions, projecting around 120 USD Billions by 2022.

Domotics is taking the world on his hands, and nothing can control it. This industry began around 1900’s. and hasn’t stopped since then. By the way, if you don’t have a clue about what i’m talking about, it is the “Smart Home” market.

household machines.jpg

Machines were introduced into the household to help with emerging labor shortage (i.e. sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, food processors). Advertisements termed these electrically-powered mechanisms “spring cleaning with electricity.” This was the first instance of domestic technology, the foreground for the connected home.


The term as i said, started out in the 1900’s, by the introduction of the electric power distribution in homes. Now, even when you don’t think you’re doing it, demotics are doing a lot of things for you. From, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, home appliances, entertainment systems; all the way to flushing the toilet for you!

predicting the future.jpg

Popular Mechanics Magazine “The Electric Home of the Future” depicted cooking devices that use “short-wave radio frequency” and “electrical means of recording news reports and pictures as soon as the news happens.”


When you start thinking about this, you might want to think about you have embraced this technology, for example  you may  sync your mobile with your $5 speaker (that you won while  buying groceries at your local market)!


Smart fridges can now  tell you the banana you bought last week is about to become bad, the “weekly discover playlist” on your spotify, the message you receive telling you that you left the window of your bathroom open a little bit or even like I said before, the seat of your toilet pre heating at 5 am, because you wake up around 5:05 to your daily “let’s sit and think about life” moment.


We are  currently in the third generation of home automation, technology is now so advanced we have the robot buddy who interacts with humans- embracing wireless technology and artificial intelligence.


The  industry if fighting for who gets the best app, the next “ Big thing” –  Samsung is claiming to be “king” in smart houses.


Each year we see more and more products entering the Internet cloud hovering over our homes, and studies show that this is only going to increase. 65% of U.S. consumers are open to the idea of adopting smart home technology, and a recent reports predicts that there will be 9 billion devices connected to the home by 2018.

What do you think about this “Domotics” situation? Is it overtaking the world? Your World?


How can we contribute to this “market” that has been with us since the beginning of the last century? Good thing? bad thing? a Devil thing?



Please, comment and share with us your opinion about this.


Global Smart Homes Market – Porter’s five forces analysis.


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